Monday, June 19, 2006

Yet another marine speaks out on Murtha...

Re: John Murtha (Another John Kerry) Marine chat on Murtha


Please let me say it once more. Then Major Murtha and I served in the 2nd Marines at approximately the same time. My tour was from July 66 to July 67; he arrived in country (I believe) in August 1966, and spent the remainder of my tour (His entire tour?) as the regimental S-2. Let me start off by saying that Murtha is- at best- a shining example of how a piece of human garbage can become a Marine and rise to the rank of Colonel. Generally, the Marine Corps has a better officer corps (due in no small part to The Basic School), but politically motivated sacks of shit still squeak through. Having said that, 2nd Marines never served in RVN. The 2nd Marine Regiment is part of 2nd Mar Div, based on the east coast. USMC ground combat elements in RVN were primarily 3rd Mar Div (Oki), 1st Mar Div (Left coast) and 5th Mar Div (several units activated to fill the void).Probably a typo, but one that could hurt us down the line. FWIW, i was 3Mar Div May65-June66 in country.



Welcome Blogs for Bush readers--and thanks for your support in helping to get the word out about John Murtha.

Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see Murtha get his "fat backside" handed to him on a silver platter come November!

-Leo Pusateri- (Psycmeistr)