Friday, June 30, 2006

Yes, Murtha... Bush's strategy IS working...

Another Arab state edges toward full democracy:

Another Arab State Edges Towards Full Democracy
By Patrick Goodenough International Editor
June 30, 2006

( - Women in Kuwait voted and ran for office for the first time on Thursday, a development seen as pushing the Middle East another step closer to full participatory democracy.

Kuwaiti men and women voted for some 250 candidates -- including 28 women -- to fill 50 seats in the small Gulf state's 65-seat National Assembly (the remaining 15 are appointed by the country's emir. (read the whole story)
Although gender equality still has a way to go in Kuwait, this is an important first step.

As was experienced in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, once freedom is unleashed, it cannot for long be contained. Bush's overall strategy of establishing a democracy in Iraq cannot help but eventually spread freedom throughout the middle east, and the way of the islamo-fascists will eventually wither on the vine.

Although you would never know it if all you did was listen to Murtha, our cause in Iraq is indeed just.