Tuesday, October 03, 2006

American Specatator's David Holman on Hannity & Colmes last night...

...regarding the 53 minute Murtha Abscam video tape (permanently linked on our sidebar). You can view the entire transcript of the show here.

Here's an interesting portion of the transcript.

HOLMAN: Well, the tape wasn't publicly available. You know, I FOIA'd this tape, filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI in July, really haven't heard anything back from them. But I was able to obtain it from a source close to the Abscam investigation.

So you know, it took a little digging, of a researcher who contacted us. But he found it and ultimately we brought it to light.

But this is something that's not just hanging out there. But it is something you'd think the media would find with just a few more calls.

HANNITY: It's very clear, you know, he wasn't going to take the money now. But boy, I'm pretty interested in maybe talking to you down the road about this. By the way, if you can help these businesses in my district, that's going to be extremely helpful to me.

But the fact is the whole purpose of this was — they wanted favors, correct?

HOLMAN: Well, they didn't just want favors. They actually wanted private asylum bills for these sheiks in the Congress. And they were willing to pay $50,000, at least, apiece for that.

Although what was specifically being discussed right there was that Murtha would get a cut of the $50,000 being offered not only to him but to other congressmen.

Of course, the lovable ferret-faced Alan Colmes was not about to take this sitting down...

HANNITY: Do you think this is going to have an impact on his race for re-election? I've got to imagine it would.

HOLMAN: You would think it would. Although, Sean, not many folks on the national level have been that interested in looking at this tape since we published this story Friday. It's been...

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: This comes up, just as we were talking about with the Foley issue, just before Election Day. Just as we head into a mid-term election.

You know, Mr. Holman, this is nothing more than a smear campaign. You are swift boating John Murtha, because he had the temerity to speak out against the president's policies on war, against the war, because he wants the leadership position. You would not be doing this if he were not outspoken, would you, Mr. Holman?

HOLMAN: Alan, there's not that much of a conspiracy theory here. I published this as soon as I could get it to press and confirm the tape is authentic.

COLMES: Would you even be doing this if Murtha were not as outspoken as he is and seeking a leadership position?

HOLMAN: Alan, you're missing the point here.

COLMES: That is the point.

HOLMAN: No, Alan, the point is that this man has never been asked and has never really answered...

COLMES: Would you be doing this if he were not seeking a leadership position and if he were not as outspoken about the war? Yes or no?

HOLMAN: Alan, there's no doubt that he's attracted a lot of attention to himself and he wants to exert great leadership in this country and we ought to ask him whether his office was for sale.

Of course, to a good liberal like Alan Colmes (if there really is such a thing as a good liberal), swiftboating is any criticism of any left-wing idealogue who happened to don a uniform. Even if that criticism is justified. After all, to the moonbat anyone that had ever donned a uniform and agrees with them is a sacred commodity, not to be assailed. Not that liberals really have any respect for those in uniform. Many of them would just as soon spit on a soldier as salute one. But the left does see military vets, past and present, as the currency and cover they need to avoid just scrutiny over their whacked-out, unworkable agenda.

Enter Jack Murtha.