Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Murtha Irey Poll--Irey closes the gap--gains momentum!

Red State has the details:
Ms. Irey rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She has gained some recognition on her own as a staunch supporter of the armed forces, the mission in Iraq, an advocate for rigorous immigration policies and a fiscal conservative. She has also been drawing attention to Mr. Murtha's many failings. And she's producing results. The campaign has just commissioned another poll by Public Opinion Strategies and Ms. Irey has closed the gap to ten points as the race now stands at 55%-45%. She gained ten points and brought Mr. Murtha down ten--and the momentum is all in her favor.
To wit:
Commissioner Irey's mission over the next five weeks is to keep shining a bright light on Mr. Murtha's disgraceful record while articulating her own platform. The POS poll included some interesting numbers on eleven issues that make voters less likely to vote for Mr. Murtha by as much as 57% (a list is appended below)--and when voters read about these issues, Mr. Murtha's numbers drop into the low 40s. It's incumbant on all of us who want to see Ms. Irey in Mr. Murtha's chair come January to help her spread the word that Mr. Murtha is self-interested and venal, and willingly steps on the backs of his former fellow service members to hoist his substantial bulk up the political ladder.
Read the rest--a great synopsis on what we've been reporting on Murtha Must Go!! all along.

Murtha will indeed have his "big fat backside" handed to him in November!

(h/t Residual Forces)

Gary adds: It looks like Redstate isn't the only big blog catching on to this year's 'upset special'. Here's what John at Powerline said about Murtha vs. Irey:
Come to think of it, Pennsylvania has never been a hotbed of anti-Americanism and defeatism. Go here to donate to candidate Diana Irey. Who knows, she just might win!
John, It isn't just that she might win. She will win!!! Welcome to the turning tide.