Saturday, October 28, 2006

No Fans of Murtha...

An excellent op-ed in the Pittsburgh Times:
There are those who appreciate corrupt politicians because they make the trains run on time. This was said of the great fascist, Benito Mussolini. It could be said of Rep. John Murtha that he also runs the trains on time. It certainly can be said that he brings home the bacon. No other person has his or his family's names on more buildings.

However, we in the Vets for the Truth movement are in the category of the gentleman who said, "It is time we find out. This guy is not going to be here forever, and what he has done is unconscionable."

There are those who are beginning to question why John Murtha, 74, has been acting the way he is. Some believe it is because of physical conditions. Others point to Murtha's prophetic words in the newly revealed ABSCAM tapes where he talks about his lust to be in leadership. Whatever the reason, some in the district are beginning to look at Murtha in a new light -- the light of truth.

Vets for the Truth, of which I am local co-chairman, has tried to bring to the attention of the voters of District 12 the disrespect Murtha has shown to our troops on the front lines of the battle against Islamic terror. Readers will note that we have refrained from attacking his military record.

We cannot forgive Murtha for his acceptance of an award from one of the most America-hating groups in existence: Code Pink. This organization has nothing to do with cures for cancer or any other beneficial purpose; it is a Marxist-led organization with roots in the communist-led anti-war movement of the 1960s. Each Friday afternoon, they congregate outside Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., and harass wounded troops and their families. What could be more despicable?

Indeed--to say that you visit Walter Reed Hospital to honor our soldiers on one hand, but then accept an award from a group that demeans our soldiers right outside of Walter Reed on a weekly basis is the height of hypocrisy.

Is it coincidence that Murtha's love affair with Code Pink is related to his endorsement by the national organ of the Communist Party USA -- the People's Weekly World? Is it "Red-baiting" to question why John Murtha has become so closely aligned with the radical left? I don't think so.

How do we, the voters of Pennsylvania's 12th District, justify seeing Murtha's name linked with the extremist liberalism of Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean and Michael Moore, not to mention with that of Code Pink, and the Communist Party newspaper?

Murtha has always been a man drunk on his own power, but like an alcoholic that spins out of control and pursues his addiction to rock bottom, Murtha is indeed out of control, and is no longer fit to hold office.

There is a long history of stories about how individuals chasing after their lust for power are corrupted. A man must still live by his actions. It is not for me to question whether Congressman Murtha has done these things out of a sense of trying to do good or evil. I may not judge the heart of another man. I only know that John Murtha's actions are not good for Pennsylvania or the United States of America.

And that is why we at Vets for the Truth intend to see John Murtha come home for good.

Harry Beam

Lt. Col. USA Retired

And that is why we say, Murtha Must Go!!