Sunday, October 01, 2006

Murtha's non-response to ABSCAM

The Tribune Democrat reports that Diana Irey held a press conference to highlight Murtha's 25-year old lies regarding ABSCAM
“(Friday) we learned that the overwhelming majority of Jack Murtha’s tenure in Congress has been the result of a fraud he perpetrated on his constituents more than a quarter-century ago,” Irey said.

Abscam was an undercover investigation conducted in 1979 and 1980 in which FBI agents disguised as representatives of an Arab sheik offered money to lawmakers in return for a promise to introduce private immigration bills, according to Tribune-Democrat archives.

A House Ethics Committee ruled in July of 1981 that there is no evidence that Murtha acted improperly in connection with the Abscam operation.

But Irey said the 54-minute tape, which had been missing except for a 13-minute clip (Actually, a 13-second clip--ed), indicates Murtha tried to accept the bribe. She read excerpts of the transcript at a press conference.
The tape and story are featured as the top story in The American Spectator, which lists as a conservative monthly magazine known for its attacks on former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.
And just what does that have to do with Murtha's actions as shown on the videotape?
Irey acknowledged that she does not know who provided the tape and could not confirm its legitimacy, but instead said Murtha has not addressed the allegations since the story and tape surfaced Friday.
Could not confirm its legitimacy? We have the link to the video permanently placed on our sidebar right now, as well as the video in its entirety on this post.

Take a look at it.

If that's not Murtha, then it must be his evil twin.

The article goes on:
“Mr. Murtha had a day to deny this,” she said.

Murtha spokesman Brad Clemenson said Irey is dredging up an old controversy for a new angle on her campaign.

“That’s ancient news,” Clemenson said. “He’s the one that didn’t take the money.
(All indications from the tape, as well as his doing the "Sheik's" bidding, suggests that he would have, had the sting operation been allowed to continue).

Of course, Clemson tries to dismiss Murtha's culpability in the matter.
“They’re just trying to distract him from his message that we need to change course in Iraq."

Veterans for Murtha spokesman Michael Duga said the timing of the release is suspect.

He dubbed the effort part of “the Republican slime machine.”
Funny. Duga never uttered a word (to the best of my knowledge) when the "Murtha Political opportunity Machine" slimed the reputation of a platoon of Marines patrolling Haditha.
“Abscam is an issue investigated in 1980, more than 25 years ago,” Duga said. “The congressman was cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever.”
Actually, Mr. Duga.. Murtha was "cleared" on a 3-3 vote on whether or not to continue his prosecution. Murtha, in effect, turned state's evidence.

Hardly a clean bill of health.
Irey, who earlier this week called for a state investigation into her opponent’s campaign finance practices, said Murtha was simply “not indicted.”

“A courtroom is not the only place a public official faces a verdict,” Irey said. “The voters get to pass judgment, too.”
PA-12--now's your chance to get this slimeball redeployed from Washington.
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