Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Major Discrepancy

It appears as though there's a major discrepancy in how many people attended today's 'Back Jack' rally. Here's how the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review saw it:
An estimated 2,000 people assembled in the city's downtown to support Murtha, a Johnstown Democrat, who will be the focus of an opposition rally today at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena by the group, which orchestrated a similar campaign against Democrats U.S. Sen. John Kerry, of Massachusetts and former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland, of Georgia.
Here's how the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat saw it:
Local supporters gathered Saturday by the hundreds with picket signs and ponchos, cheering on a congressman they believe has been unjustly attacked. And when U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Johnstown, and his wife, Joyce, walked onto the stage at Central Park, the crowd closed in around the pair, supporters reaching out to shake Murtha’s hand.
Here's how WJAC-TV called it:
A couple of hundred veterans come out to "Back Jack" Saturday.
The "Back Jack Murtha Rally" was held in Johnstown’s Central Park aimed to give Congressman Murtha support with his stance on the war. Gov. Rendell, former Presidential Candidate Wesley Clark, and Former Senator Max Cleland were among those supporting Congressman Murtha.
WJAC has posted the video of the event here.

Please tell me how 2,000 people "close in around the pair." Based on KJAC's video, I'm hard pressed to see 2,000 people.

I've done some digging into the size of Central Park in Johnstown, PA. follow this link to view the map of the block where Central Park is located. Based on the map's table, the block that Central Park is located on is approximately 500 ft. X 250 ft., give or take 50 ft. I also found out that there's at least one cafe on the block so that shrinks the square footage available.

Based on the video, the size of Central Park, and the reporting, I'd say that those that say there was a large crowd in excess of 2,000 people are telling a whopper of Murtha-esque proportions.

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