Friday, October 27, 2006

The Readers Hit Back

Hot on the heels of yesterday's endorsement of John Murtha by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, we find a nice selection of letters from unhappy readers to the paper's editors.

Excerpt from the first letter:
I will not renew my subscription to the Trib, so this will probably be my last unpublished letter.
A second letter, in its entirety:

I was outraged that the Trib endorsed Rep. John "Traitor Jack" Murtha, extolling his "leadership."
If Murtha is a leader of anything, he is a leader of al-Qaida's propaganda effort in the U.S.
And a third for good measure, also complete:
I was very disappointed with your endorsement of John "Cut and Run" Murtha. He is a disgrace as a congressman and American and your endorsement of him is shameful.
With the direction your paper is going, I might as well read the other Pittsburgh paper every morning and concede the Trib's return to its country club Republican roots.
The editor(s) of the Trib just couldn't take this last one lying down and told him what for:
Editor's Note: The Trib has endorsed Congressman Murtha for decades.
Old loyalties die hard, it seems. Let's hope that the reader feedback reflects the mood of the district more than does the editorial stance of one of the region's dominant newspapers. It's good to know that there are such people out there.