Thursday, October 05, 2006

Washington Times gets Wise to Murtha...

Eric Pfeiffer published some damning information from the recently available 53-minute ABSCAM tape (linked on our sidebar), which has again made John Murtha into a reluctant, re-born movie star:
The video was released last week on the American Spectator Web site (, a conservative publication. The magazine says it received the video from a source close to the Abscam investigation.

"It was widely reported that he provided testimony against others," Mrs. Irey said, when asked why Mr. Murtha was not prosecuted for his ties to the Abscam investigation.

Mr. Murtha cooperated with officials in the prosecution of former Democratic Reps. Frank Thompson of New Jersey and John Murphy of New York. In July 1981, the House ethics committee ruled there was no evidence Mr. Murtha acted improperly, although E. Barrett Prettyman Jr., the special counsel assigned to the committee, resigned in protest. The FBI listed Mr. Murtha as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the scandal.

Near the end of the 54-minute video of the meeting, Mr. Murtha and Philadelphia lawyer Howard Criden return to the room after a brief absence. Mr. Criden then begins speaking to undercover FBI agent Anthony Amoroso, who posed as "Tony DeVito," the purported sheik's representative.

"John says it's OK for you to give me what's in the drawer," Mr. Criden says, according to the Spectator's transcript of the video.

"Is that all right, Tony?" Mr. Murtha asks Mr. Amoroso. Then, referring to Thompson and Murphy, Mr. Murtha says: "Let me make it very clear. The other two guys do expect to be taken care of. ... And you're gonna have to deal through [Mr. Criden]. Me, you've got my deal."
Ironic, isn't it--coming from a guy who to this day continues to brag about being a "dealmaker" in Washington? More reminiscent of a Sopranos episode than what should be coming from the Halls of Congress.

Kinda makes one take pause to wonder whether the John Murtha style of "dealmaking" in the ABSCAM situation continues to be a telling indicator of John Murtha's style of "dealmaking" today.

At this point it doesn't seem like much of a stretch, does it?

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