Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hit With Both Barrels

Lisa De Pasquale interviewed Diana Irey, our favorite non-Minnesotan candidate, in this Human Events article. Suffice it to say that Diana gives Jack the 'both barrels' treatment on ethics in her reply to this question:
Q: How is your campaign exposing Congressman Murtha's history of corruption?
A: Again, his history of corruption is beginning to come to light on its own. His role in Abscam, his questionable ties to lobbyists, and him being listed as one of the most corrupt members of congress, has shown a pattern that has existed for years. In fact, I recently hand delivered a letter to the U.S. attorney’s office, asking that an investigation be opened on Congressman Murtha’s illegal and inappropriate actions. Additionally, Jack Murtha is famous for hosting a welcome-back party for a congressional staffer who was convicted of taking bribes from a lobbyist. Moreover, he supported legislation that would have taxpayer dollars pay for the legal bills of members of congress who have been convicted of wrongdoing. His corrupt behavior has hurt our district, and has hurt our country, and we need to clean up Washington by voting out people like Jack Murtha.
While Nancy Pelosi parades around talking about the Republican "culture of corruption", John Murtha is the poster child for the true inside the Beltway culture of corruption. This isn't just a recent departure into corruption, either, with Murtha's first big scandal coming over 25 years ago. Diana's answer is extensive though not comprehensive. Diana's answer says nothing about how he added earmarks into appropriations bills that shoveled large sums of money into his brother Kit's business.

The truth is that Diana Irey is what's needed to start cleaning up Washington. We can't afford another two years of John Murtha's corruption and lawlessness in Washington.
Q: How have people in your campaign's district responded to Congressman Murtha's comments on the global war on terrorism and troops stationed in Iraq?
A: Without a doubt, Mr. Murtha’s attacks on our military have incensed the voters of the 12th District and beyond. Not only did he begin to criticize our mission last year, he crossed the line when he prematurely accused U.S. Marines by saying they "killed innocent Iraqi civilians in cold blood." He made that statement before a single marine had been charged, and before a single court martial had been convened. Because of his comments, one of the Marines in the incident has even brought defamation charges against Mr. Murtha.
Yesterday, I quoted this line from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's endorsement of Murtha:
The sinister political forces who have come out of the woodwork to support Ms. Irey are unnerved by something else: Mr. Murtha's stand on the Iraq war.
Diana Irey's answer mirrors my reply. As she says, "he crossed the line when he prematurely accused U.S. Marines by saying they "killed innocent Iraqi civilians in cold blood." He made that statement before a single marine had been charged, and before a single court martial had been convened."

Here's my reply from yesterday's post:
I took it damned personally when John Murtha tries to convict a group of Marines without even learning firsthand from the investigators what actually happened. I took it damned personally when John Murtha tried and convicted these innocent men in the court of public opinion before the investigation had even reached any conclusions.
So much for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's flacking for John Murtha. Their statement that "sinister political forces...are unnerved by...Mr. Murtha's stand on the Iraq war" is their attempt to deflect attention from Murtha's willingness to throw the Constitution out the proverbial window. That's why blogs like MMG are here. We won't let Murtha's ignoring of fundamental Constitutional protections go unnoticed.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's statement is what you'd expect from a liberal newspaper trying to use its position to advance their ideological agenda rather than informing their readership of what's actually happening. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is the very definition of Agenda Media.

Q: What is one fact you want all Pennsylvanians to know about Congressman Murtha?
A: I want people to know that Jack Murtha is not the man who we elected to serve us 32 years ago. He has clearly lost his way. He has not been truthful with the voters of the 12th District for years, and now seeks a higher position in his party. His views are more in line with San Francisco that with Southwestern Pennsylvania.
John Murtha likes to talk about how he's always visiting injured soldiers at Walter Reed. Why doesn't he talk about how he was 'honored' by the Code Pink anti-war parasites that protest outside Walter Reed with signs that read "Maimed for a Lie" and other vile sayings?

Anyone want to bet that the military families of Southwest Pennsylvania have heard enough of Murtha's demoralizing statements and anti-war declarations and are prepared to involuntarily retire him in two weeks? Anyone who wants that action should contact me. I'm always looking for sure bets.

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