Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Duplicitousness

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette officially endorsed Bob Casey Jr. over Rick Santorum. Here's the opening paragraph of their hit piece:
There was a time when conservatives ran against Washington, DC, but Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, in fighting the challenge by state Treasurer Bob Casey this year, has a problem doing that. He is Washington, DC. More precisely, the 12-year incumbent is the sort of calculating politician who has made the 109th Congress the out-of-touch and ethics-challenged institution that has added to the store of public cynicism.
This hit piece isn't based on anything factually verifiable. Calling Rick Santorum "calculating" isn't just disgusting; it's intellectually insulting. He's the ultimate straight shooter.

It's obvious that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn't have much integrity. If they did, they couldn't have endorsed the ultimate calculating politician in America not named Clinton: John Murtha. Murtha got the itch to be famous instead of giving a damn about the military that he says he loves. In his quest to be Majority Leader, he threw away the principles that he once held dear.

Murtha's quick to point out that he visits Walter Reed on a regular basis. It'd be nice if he visited there without having to walk past the parasites known as Code Pink. He doesn't seem to mind, though, since they 'honored' him as their man of the year.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette didn't mention that Murtha had become "Washington, DC." Instead they said this:
"In any other year, a vigorous challenge to Johnstown Democrat John Murtha, who has represented the 12th Congressional District for 32 years, would be a welcome wake-up call for the too-long-secure incumbent."
Why does the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette think that having an ancient, calculating, scandal-ridden incumbent like Murtha is a good thing but having a straight shooter like Santorum serving in the Senate is a negative thing? It's obvious that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's 'logic' is because Murtha's liberal like they are and they'll do anything to badmouth a true conservative. It's obvious that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will ignore a liberal's unethical behavior and his voting record against anything that would improve our national security tools to endorse him.

I'll guarantee that the voters of PA-12 won't ignore Murtha's obvious shortcomings. I'll further guarantee that Murtha's duplicitousness will be 'rewarded' with an involuntary 'retirement notice' this November. While we're on the subject of guarantees, I'll guarantee that Pennsylvanians will reward Rick Santorum's straightforward approach to the important issues of the day with another term in office.
Whatever may be said about his politics, when he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1990 and won his Senate seat in 1994, Mr. Santorum was the brash and reform-minded upstart. Today all that can be fairly said is that he is still brash, but the upstart now has settled into the role of a big man in the ruling establishment.
I guess the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn't consider his vote on the Border Fence Act to be a reform of our immigration system. I guess they didn't mind John Murtha's voting for the broken immigration system because Murtha's their kind of status quo kind of guy. Anyone who hasn't noticed the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's arbitrary double standards in the name of liberalism is a moonbat liberal.
The sinister political forces who have come out of the woodwork to support Ms. Irey are unnerved by something else: Mr. Murtha's stand on the Iraq war.
That's the line that liberal idiots have peddled from the day that Murtha scandalized the Haditha Marine incident. It's just as untrue today as it was then. I'm not a "sinister political force". I'm an activist who thinks that a calculating congressman shouldn't throw away the Constitution in his attempt to score cheap political points. I took it damned personally when John Murtha tries to convict a group of Marines without even learning firsthand from the investigators what actually happened. I took it damned personally when John Murtha tried and convicted these innocent men in the court of public opinion before the investigation had even reached any conclusions.

At the 1996 GOP Convention, J.C. Watts said that the definition of character is "doing the right thing even when no one is watching." John Murtha won't do the right thing when people are watching, much less when they aren't watching.

PA-12 can't afford a character-bereft, scandal-ridden congressman who doesn't share their values representing them in Washington. They need someone who's in touch with their values, who'll fight for their best interests, especially in the arena of national security. They need someone who exudes integrity. They need Diana Irey.

Likewise, Pennsylvanians can't afford a legacy lightweight like little Bobbie Casey littering the Senate's hallways and voting whichever way Chuckie Schumer and Harry Reid tell him to. They need an advocate like Rick Santorum to fight for them in the Senate.

That's why Santorum and Ms. Irey will be sworn into the 110th Congress next January.

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