Sunday, October 08, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer: Missing the big picture...

From here:

House's next majority could have big impact in Pa., lesser one in N.J.

By Steve Goldstein
Inquirer Washington Bureau

Whichever party controls the U.S. House of Representatives after Nov. 7, the calculus of Pennsylvania's congressional power will change.

If Republicans retain their majority and Rep. Curt Weldon defeats Democrat Joe Sestak, Weldon will be in line to become chairman of the powerful Armed Services Committee.

Weldon has been a reliable conduit for defense spending in his Delaware County district, home to a division of the Boeing Co.

If the Democrats make a net gain of 15 seats to win a majority, the impact on Pennsylvania could be far greater.

Reps. Jack Murtha and Chaka Fattah, should Fattah not run for mayor of Philadelphia, would have significant roles in appropriations - determining where money is spent - and in deciding what legislation goes before the new House. (emphases added)

There's just one glaring error in the Inquirer's calculations.

Murtha ain't gonna be there.