Saturday, October 21, 2006

Murtha: the "cheerleader" for our times...

ABSCAM unindicted co-conspirator, Congressman Jack Murtha continued his jihad against our soldiers' mission in Iraq yesterday:
John Murtha of Pennsylvania, the ranking Democrat on defense appropriations, says even top military commanders on the ground in Iraq now see the folly.
and his surrender buddy Tom Lantos chimed in:
And California's Tom Lantos says a U-S redeployment from Iraq won't be a victory for terrorists. He says it would strengthen the U-S. Lantos says that won't make "the jihadists or any of our other enemies very happy.
I see that Mssrs. Murtha and Lantos have not studied up on recent history:
"After our victory in Afghanistan and the defeat of the oppressors who had killed millions of Muslims, the legend about the invincibility of the superpowers vanished. Our boys no longer viewed America as a superpower. So, when they left Afghanistan, they went to Somalia and prepared themselves carefully for a long war. They had thought that the Americans were like the Russians, so they trained and prepared. They were stunned when they discovered how low was the morale of the American soldier. America had entered with 30,000 soldiers in addition to thousands of soldiers from different countries in the world. ... As I said, our boys were shocked by the low morale of the American soldier and they realized that the American soldier was just a paper tiger. He was unable to endure the strikes that were dealt to his army, so he fled..."

So, Mr. Lantos--despite your "magical thinking" to the contrary, there is nothing that would make our enemies happier than a premature pullout from Iraq! You think there's recruitment of jihadists going on now, just wait til their paper tiger view of the United States. is reinforced by your cut-and-run ....err... redeployment strategy.

They will use the ultimate recruiting tool. That the United States, via its unwillingness to sustain its resolve, can be beaten.

Welcome to dhimmitude, Murtha!
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