Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pittsburh Post-Gazette Weighs In

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has weighed in on the 'Back Jack' rally with this article.
Ms. Irey's name wasn't spoken once over the course of the 90-minute rally, which police officials say drew a crowd of 2,000, but the incendiary issues have put this race, and Ms. Irey's face and candidacy, into a national spotlight. The Washington County commissioner says she believes the military voting bloc is more divided than Mr. Murtha realizes. She hopes to capitalize on the split in Cambria County and the rest of the 12th District, which historically had been impenetrable to Republicans, but in recent presidential elections has been voting more conservatively.
At least we know that the crowd estimate of 2,000 came from "police officials." That still doesn't mean that they aren't FOJ's (Friends of Jack) but it's reasonable to believe that this wasn't just the rally's organizers' figure.

The 'split' amongst military voters didn't become pronounced until Murtha rendered the guilty verdict on the Haditha Marines without so much as getting briefed on the subject. That split is real and it's growing. Don't expect it to stop growing until it's a day after Election Day.
Mr. Rendell, who flew in from Harrisburg yesterday afternoon, said Mr. Murtha has done more for American fighting men and women than "any American alive today...How dare these outsiders come here to Pennsylvania and impugn the patriotism of one of the greatest sons in this commonwealth's history."
Mr. Rendell is a sleazy politician. The reason I know is because only a sleazy politician could say that criticizing someone that throws the Constitution out the window by convicting the Haditha Marines without due process, without evidence, without due process and without the military investigation even having been completed is "one of the greatest sons in this commonwealth's history." I'd seriously doubt that that's Americans' picture of patriotism.

Murtha said:
"I don't appreciate these people sitting on their fat backsides in the White House, sending our young people to war, when they don't understand the circumstances."
Mr. Murtha, I don't appreciate corrupt politicians discarding the Constitution, the greatest document of freedom in the history of mankind, for political expediency. I don't appreciate corrupt politicians ignoring the Constitution's foundational guarantees of due process and a jury of a man's peers, not to mention ignoring the rules of evidence.

It's long past time for the people of PA-12 to put us out of our misery by retiring John Murtha this November.

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