Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just whose money is it, Jack Murtha?

If it's pork, chances are that it has Murtha's fingerprints all over it...Like Diana Irey was alluding to earlier today, an article excerpt from Monday's New York Times


“Mr. Kanjorski, the Pennsylvania Democrat, said he had help on ‘8 to 10’ projects, including a $9.5 million deal four years ago for research by a firm partly owned by his nephews. In an interview, Mr. Kanjorski said his relatives ‘just happened to be the only people who would take responsibility’ for developing the technology, which involved using water jets to pulverize materials. He said he recently gave Mr. Murtha a pair of high-tech disease-resistant socks made with silver fibers by a company in his district. After padding around in them, Mr. Kanjorski said, Mr. Murtha was so pleased that he agreed to an earmark to buy them for soldiers.”

Sweetheart deals? Conflicts of interest? If you're John Murtha, it's all in a day's work--on our dime, that is.

While I'm sure the recipients of Murtha's generosity with taxpayer monies are quite happy, at the same time I'm also sure that millions of taxpayers, stuck with tax bills that force them to downgrade their own standard of living, have differing sentiments.

Jack Murtha has created a veritable political machine, reminiscent of "big city bosses" by being more than generous--

With YOUR money.

PA-12-- isn't it time for someone new to take the helm, and to finally send Jack Murtha off to a well-deserved retirement?