Monday, October 23, 2006

Scott Ott's Wit & Wisdom

Scott Ott's been my favorite satirist for quite some time. Today's post is simply the best I've ever seen. Here's what got me laughing uncontrollably:
Standing with the California lawmaker at a news conference, Rep. Murtha, a former Marine, unveiled what he called "our new Democrat vision for Iraq to become a country that can defend, sustain and govern itself, a country which will serve as an ally in this war on terror. We got to thinking, Nancy and me, that the old Democrat vision of a U.S. pullout would have created a safe haven and base of operations for al Qaeda to launch its global jihad," said Rep. Murtha. "and it would have sent a message to those seeking freedom in the Arab world that we think they don’t deserve to be free or can’t govern themselves democratically."
Asked whether this new position wouldn’t just play into the hands of Republicans three weeks before a national election, a clearly agitated Rep. Pelosi said, "We’re talking about a global conflict that threatens our civilization, and you’re asking about politics?"
Mr. Ott should know that Democrats wouldn't play politics with national security. That simply isn't their modus operandi. It isn't like they've leaked classified documents like the NIE. It isn't like Murtha's convicting the Haditha Marines in the court of public opinion was a poliltical ploy.

You won't regret reading the entire post. I'll guarantee it.

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