Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A parent of one of our first soldiers killed in our WOT speaks out...

The father of Todd Beamer, one of the heroes who gave his life on Flight 93 on 9/11/2001, Had this to say regarding Murtha's shameless rhetoric:

From the Altoona Mirror:
His father attended a three-hour, “Boot Murtha” rally at the War Memorial Arena Sunday and received a standing ovation when he said he agrees with Murtha on the need for a memorial “but on the most important matters of our day, I could not disagree more with John P. Murtha.”

Beamer lashed out at Murtha’s criticism of American troops, his release on his Web site of vital information that revealed some of the weaknesses of the American military and his suggestion several months ago that America “redeploy” its troops from Iraq.

“The enemy will see this for what it is. ... Redeployment means defeat,” Beamer said.

“Does it require another battle in Shanksville?” Beamer asked as he wondered aloud what it will take for America to become united in the war on terrorism.

He said Murtha wants to “chat up” the enemy, go hat-in-hand to Osama bin Laden, but he said if you go hat-in-hand, “you better be prepared to leave with your head in your hat in your hand.”

Beamer supported the continuing war against terrorism and said, “It’s been 1,481 days since Sept. 11 and there have been no more homeland attacks, no more homeland battle grounds, no more homeland burial grounds, and that is just one more thing that is George Bush’s fault.”
Todd Beamer, who made the ultimate sacrifice in thwarting a terrorist attack on our nation's Capitol, would most likely be rolling in his grave nowadays, given Murtha's shameless rhetoric.

Voters of PA-12--you have it within you the power to thwart a certain congressman from making constant attacks on America's steadfastness and morale during this time of war, or to at least render those attacks meaningless.

We at MMG are confident that given their options, PA-12 voters will make the right choice.