Friday, October 13, 2006

Murtha's attitude in two words...

Screw you! That's what Murtha says to those who dare question his motives. That's the response that Jack Murtha gives to those who dare disagree with him. And that, dear readers, is emblematic of Jack Murtha's arrogance to his consitutents. As Larry Bailey, a retired Navy Seal, states:

Bailey told Cybercast News Service: "'Screw them' is what John Murtha has said for 32 years to:

  • "Iraq War veterans, who have tried unsuccessfully to discuss that conflict with Murtha;
  • "Honest citizens, who are berated, cursed and threatened by Murtha goons;
  • "Taxpayers, who have to come up with the money for Murtha's self-serving appropriations 'earmarks;'
  • "Troops in Iraq, who are unjustly characterized by Murtha for having 'killed innocent civilians in cold blood;'
  • "Honest politicians, who object to the 'bully-boy' tactics employed by Murtha in getting his way; and
  • "Anyone who dares to disagree with or vote against John Murtha.

    "'Screw them' might well be the epitaph inscribed on Murtha's tombstone," Bailey stated.

  • "Screw You," ironically, as Bailey put it, will also be the message that voters give to the arrogant Jack Murtha on November 7th.