Friday, June 02, 2006

blog disclaimer

I started Murtha Must Go! on May 21st, 2006. Although Murtha's "pull the troops out now" rhetoric in November, 2005, was reprehensible; his pronouncing guilt on the Marines with regard to the Haditha incident, without due process, was the last straw. As a parent of a deployed soldier, I could no longer sit by and watch Murtha's irresponsible and reprehensible rhetoric go unanswered. That is when I decided to start this blog, and to try to mount as much of an effort as I personally could to oust him from office in the November, 2006 elections.

We have no direct connections with any political campaigns; however, we do support the election of Lt. Col William Russell (ret.), whom we believe to be a man of impeccable honor and character, and much more fitting to occupy the seat of trust which Jack Murtha now regrettably holds.

We are participating on this blog as citizens, exercising our Constitutional First Amendment right to free political speech. Our opinions are our own, and not necessarily that of any other than the writer. Other opinions will be attributed as such.