Saturday, June 03, 2006

Give Surrender a Chance?

Vox Poplar, a favorite of mine on Psyc's Pselect Pscreeds, has this satire on what may have been Murtha's response to the VP's slamming of faux-hero Jessie MacBeth who, prior to his "coming out" party, was the darling of anti-war, socialist kooks everywhere. But anyway, back to VP:


Greetings my fellow Americans.

It's me ex-Marine and recent Profile In Courage prize winner Congressman John Murtha. I'd like to thank Mr. Poplar for letting me use his space to provide a counterpoint, if you will, of the rather shameful treatment he showed All-American Hero Jesse MacBeth yesterday.

How dare he treat a decorated war veteran like Coporal MacBeth so rudely!

All Corporal MacBeth did was dare to speak the truth about this war and American servicemen. Sure, none of the events he described actually happened, but that doesn't make his statements any less true.

I know because I served in VietNam, and while a Marine in VietNam I personally killed more babies than malnutrition and NARAL put together.

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