Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Irey to Appear on Free Republic

I just got word that the good people at Free Republic will be hosting Diana Irey live on June 14th at 7:00pm CT. Here's their writeup:
Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey is vying to become the next Congresswoman from Pennsylvania's 12th District. Ms. Irey's reasons for challenging her opponent in this race:
"For decades, western Pennsylvania looked to John Murtha to stand up for our values. But as the years have drifted by, John Murtha has drifted further and further from the ideals that made this country great. He has become part of the problem in Washington. I don't believe we are receiving the representation in Congress we deserve and the time for change is now."
Diana Irey has a proven track record during her tenure as a Washington County Commissioner. She has successfully delivered seven consecutive balanced budgets without one tax increase. She has also worked tirelessly to enhance economic development in the region by working to create thousands of jobs for area residents.
Commissioner Irey considers her greatest accomplishment, along with her husband's, the raising of three children ages 16,15, and 12. "They are the reason I'm running. I can't sit quietly by while the special interests in Washington, D.C. continue to spend away our children's future."
Diana Irey has spent the last decade in public service as a Washington County Commissioner, and she is now running to bring her vision of government responsibility, lower taxes, and family values to the United States Congress as the Representative of the 12th District.
I'm already setting the time aside to participate. I suspect that those who read this blog will, too.