Monday, June 12, 2006

Join All the Campaigns to Silence & Remove John Murtha

We have been brought to the attention of more Murtha removal supporters out there besides us, the 1st one by Chrys @ Pettifog. Her suggestion is to go to Save The and sign their petition, which I have happily done. Hopefully you and your friends will too.

The folks at Observer/ have another great idea as to what we should do every time Murtha opens his rather busy mouth, (which I have done as well, and I'm in Chicago) which could raise alot of money for his upcoming congressional opponent Diana Irey .. if followed through upon . Their idea is posted below the apropos cartoon.

Join the campaign to shut up John Murtha: John Murtha from Pennsylvania's 12 district has been in the U.S. Congress for 32 years. Too many years in Washington, too many years attracted to the power, and now too many years out of touch."

A decorated Marine whose service we must honor, but who has now gone far beyond the bounds of even a patriot in disagreement with his nation's policy and war effort. "Semper Fi" is a pledge of loyalty to his Marine brothers and sisters. A pledge Murtha has now dishonored and in doing so has dishonored his country, his fellow Marines, and others in the American armed services. more

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