Thursday, June 01, 2006

Michael Reagan on "Murtha and the Traitorous Left.."

From Human Events:
The worst aspect of this treasonous activity is the motive behind much of the anti-war hysteria—an insane hatred of George W. Bush and the overwhelming lust of the Democrats to regain control of Capitol Hill no matter what it costs the United States of America in blood and treasure.

Don’t make any mistake about it—that exactly what is driving John Murtha—this war’s John Kerry—and his conscienceless colleagues. They didn’t give a doodly damn that their part in causing the U.S. to bug out of Vietnam caused more than 58,000 of our fellow Americans to have died in vain. And today they couldn’t care less if the grieving survivors—moms, dads, wives and children—of the soldiers and Marines who laid down their lives in Iraq have to face the possibility that their loved ones’ deaths were meaningless.

What these modern-day Benedict Arnolds are attempting to do is the recreate the shameful spectacle of battle-scarred veterans coming home from Vietnam to be cursed and spat at and called baby killers by the very people they risked their lives to serve.

Their crocodile tears over the killings in Haditha—which may or may not have been justified by the exigencies of combat—masks their delight that they may now have a new My Lai. Never mind that My Lai costs hundreds of deaths while in Haditha just 24 people died in what may have been the heat of battle. With the enthusiastic cooperation of the media the two incidents are compared to sap the morale of the American people to the point where they will accept a shameful defeat and leave the people of Iraq to the same kind of tender mercies shown to the betrayed people of Vietnam and Cambodia.

I want to tell the veterans of Vietnam that this is what they did to you and this is what John Murtha and the rest of the traitorous left are now trying to do to the brave men and women in Iraq. They want to turn their image into that of baby killers. You should be the ones marching in the streets against the left and John Murtha and his slimy friends. You must not allow what happened to you happen to the men and women in Iraq.
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