Monday, June 05, 2006

Muttering Madman Murtha

WorldNetDaily: Muttering Madman Murtha: "
Take away a child's innocence and liberal judges and lawyers want to understand what caused you to do it. Was it your mother's fault for not breast-feeding you? Rape and kill dozens of innocent people like Ted Bundy did and the same folks want to file appeal after appeal on why your sorry life should be spared from the executioner. Come across the borders illegally and we offer you a pathway to citizenship as well as educate, feed and clothe your children. But even suggest a Marine may have done something improper, and he is guilty until proven innocent.

Just ask John Murtha."

For years while hosting a national talk-radio show, I was constantly reminded by network management that when talking about a heinous crime, I had to refer to the suspect as the ''alleged'' perpetrator and I had to talk about the ''alleged'' crime. This was somehow supposed to protect the network from lawsuits filed by the accused and to insure the ''alleged'' criminal got a fair trial. If that is the truth, you can kiss goodbye due process for the Marines now on trial in the press by the likes of John Murtha.

Murtha has found the Marines, under investigation for possible war atrocities in Haditha guilty, guilty, guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to the cries of ''rule of law''? If I was one of the Marines, I would cite Murtha's comments as evidence a fair trial is impossible. Hangman Murtha has already tried the case in the court of public opinion and found them all to be guilty.

Isn't every American entitled to a fair trial? Not, apparently, if you are serving in the military. John Murtha will give everyone in the country the benefit of the doubt, except a Marine. I thought Murtha supported the troops? Is this what he calls support? He doesn't even offer Marines what a thug or common thief is afforded. read more