Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time, the Media & Murtha's Poor Judgement on Haditha

The Haditha story continues unraveling as the Marine's accusers will soon start to backpedal. It's too late for that and the damage has already been done and will not be forgiven or forgotten 1st and foremost by the accused, but also by we, their ardent supporters.

Today's Washington Times' Op-Ed below reveals more facts that have been out there but completely ignored not by we here, or others mentioned by them below, but by the Marine's accusers in their glee to relive Vietnam's failures amidst their quest to discredit this President and anyone else that gets in their way.
Time's massacre - Editorials/Op-Ed - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper: "With Marines being accused of war crimes, the blogosphere is doing what it does best: scrutinizing the reporting. In this case, the site Sweetness & Light has been on Time magazine's case for what appears to be justifiable concerns over its reporting of the Nov. 19 Haditha incident, in which Marines are under investigation for killing two dozen innocent Iraqis.

Time first broke the story on Haditha in March, four months after the incident -- a delay which too few of the Marines' more ardent accusers (such as Rep. John Murtha) failed to question. One of Time's key sources who had taken footage of the aftermath was represented only as a 'journalism student.' It has since been learned that this eyewitness was Taher Thabet al Hadithi.

Here's how Time reporter Aparisim Ghosh described Mr. Hadithi: '[H]e's a young local man ... He brought the tape to Hammurabi Human Rights... and they brought it to us once they found out that we were inquiring about this.'

In fact, Mr. Hadithi is middle-aged and a co-founder of the Hammurabi Organization. The Associated Press has described him as an 'Iraqi investigator.' Either Mr. Hadithi misrepresented himself to Time, or Time chose not to mention his association with the previously unknown Hammurabi Organization in its original article on the incident. " more